The MVI Executive Conference Center is a state-of-the-art meeting and film/audio recording facility. It is a unique, secure environment and allows for complete comfort. The conference area is acoustically designed to maximize clear projection of voice for the presenter, facilitator or lecturer. Events and conferences can be captured in audio and film if desired, allowing your business to redeem additional value from the event for use in ongoing training. A complete technical support staff is on-site to assist.



Conference center features include:

  •  Security cameras and monitoring systems
  •  Capacity of 45 people
  •  Comfortable leather chairs for extended sitting periods
  •  Padded chairs and recliners for outside areas, as well as Voyager tables
  •  Pine walls, rock ornamentation, ultra-large windows, and caviler windows to allow natural air  circulation if desired
  •  Complete multi-media projection including 3 - 52” flat screens for group or break-out/instruction as  well as traditional pull-down screens
  •  Theatrical speaker system with 6 independent speakers for imaginative combinations
  •  5 restrooms
  •  Extensive deck and outdoor facilities designed for break-out groups, individual break-outs and for the sheer enjoyment of the location
  •  Executive photo and interview facilities are located on the 1st and 3rd levels
  •  Easy access to beverages, snacks and catering services
  •  Lanai, 14’ fireplace complete with a bar for additional activities


Advanced media options are available as additional services. Accommodations are offered through at a discount through partner hotels. Meals and materials are the responsibility of the entity organizing the event. However, we have an excellent selection of caterers to meet your needs. Prepayment and a signed liability waiver are required for rental of the center. Please contact for more information or booking options.